Saturday, May 28, 2016

RnR SWAG Fashion show May 28th @ 4pm SLT!

I'm honored to be walking with AIM models in RnR SWAG's fashion show today!  Here's a sneak peak at the amazing creations I'll be wearing on the runway. There's so much more to see though, so hope you can make it.
Click right HERE for the direct route.
[RnR] Swag Risque' Twilight
(Worn with Maitreya Lara mesh body)
This super sheer, super sexy black body stocking has omega appliers for the body stocking & panties.  You also have your choice of the pretty butterflies on the legs and top or just simply beautifully sheer. Also included are the shoes (for Slink high feet) and the necklace.

[RnR] Swag 50 Shades of Nior Dolly
(Worn over Maitreya Lara mesh body)
Cute little jacket and skirt for that darker little girl in you.  The jacket and skirt come in the 5 standard mesh sizes. There's an Omega applier for the bra.  These adorable Mary Janes for Slink high feet are also included giving you a complete coordinated look.
 [RnR] Swag 2 Mules Down Under
(Worn over Maitreya Lara mesh body)
This leather outfit with it's amazing texture and details comes in 5 standard mesh sizes and of course, includes the boots.  You're ready to saddle up and go!
[RnR] Swag Risque' Twilight - includes catsuit, shoes, choker
Hair - adoness : euryleia : platinum
Jewlery - GizzA - Papillon Set  [Black] Eyes Accessory
              Izzie's - Butterfly bracelet, earrings, ring
              LUXE. Harlow Link Bracelet Black (2)    
                      Make-up - [PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick <Dk. Tones> - Milkshake
                MK Celestinas Eye Shadow Black - Alge's Designs
               *GA* Makeup Cat Eyes V1 Black
               *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria
       Nails - Crave Nails - Butterfly 2 - SLINK
Location - Lochcarron (adult)
[RnR] Swag (50 Shades of Noir) Dolly - includes skirt, jacket, bra, shoes.
Additional clothes - Sweet Tea Bobby Socks Bow Topper
Hair - Amacci Hair Coco
Jewelry - Zuri Rayna~Elite Bow Choker
             -UtopiaH- Ska Bowy Ring 2 
             BabyDoll. Bow Ring / Black
Accessories - Ghee Acacia Circle Glasses (small)
Make-up*GA* Makeup Eyeliner V1 Black
                 *GA*  Mesh Lashes Natura
                [PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick <Deep> - Red
                MK Celestinas Eye Shadow Black - Alge's Designs
[RnR] Swag Down Under - includes pants, top, boots
Hat/hair - *ARGRACE* Cowboy Hat / SORA - Platinum
Jewelry - MG - Ring - Silver Drop with Turquoise
             EarthStones Isabella Necklace & Earring - Carerra
Make-up - {MUA} - MakeUp Set - Verso - Lips Only
                 *GA*   Makeup Eyeliner V2 Black
                ATIA's Reno Turquoise Eye Shadow
                 *GA* Mesh Lashes Natura
Nails - [LB Solids Metallic S6 Blue] OMNI Set - Slink Omega
Location - Wyoming (southern) Fort Laramie

Saturday, May 21, 2016

CAKE BY THE OCEAN...A Fundraiser for SailForLife

You are invited to a Fashion/ Auction show  May  21, 2016 at 1SLT
Come to the Relay For Life - Sail For Life  Auction / Fashion show.
See some of our top designers one of a kind outfits and bid on them.
There will also be outfits that will be placed in vendors for you to buy .
All proceeds will be going to American Cancer Society.
There will be a Dance following the show with DJ KJ and host Lacey Bade - Kiranov

I'll bet everyone of us has been touched by this horrible disease in one way or another. Please share the information about this event to raise even more awareness and support.  Maybe one day, sooner than later - we won't have to do this anymore.


Check out The Mixing Pot, a brand new sales event that starts May 21st @ 12am and finishes May 23rd @ 12am.  RnR SWAG is there and you'll find these 4 outfits there for the ladies as well as a couple for the guys!

[RnR] Swag 2 Mules Them Boots Outfit

(worn with Maitreya Lara body)
This sexy outfit works for both the classic avatar using standard sizing as well as the Maitreya Lara mesh body (other bodies MAY work). This outfit includes classic layer shorts and an omega applier, belt & top in 5 standard sizes, and of get "Them Boots" too!

[RnR] Swag 2 Mules Vaquera Outfit

(worn with Belleza Venus mesh body)
 Beautiful relaxed outfit made to work with mesh bodies that use Omega appliers as well as classic avatars. In the box you'll find this highly detailed blanket jacket & top in 5 standard mesh sizes as well as fitmesh for Belleza (Freya,Isis) & Slink (Hourglass, Physique).  It may work with other mesh bodies as well.  There's an Omega applier for the jeans as well as a Classic Avatar Layer.  The cute Vaquera Sandals for Slink flat feet are included as well.

  [RnR] Swag Ease Guess Again Outfit

(worn with Slink Physique mesh body)
Casual, pretty mesh jeans and top from SWAG. The jeans come in 5 standard mesh sizes for classic avatars as well as fit mesh for Belleza (Venus, Freya, Isis), TMP, Slink (Physique, Hourglass), and Maitreya mesh bodies. The top comes in the 5 fitmesh sizes as well as a fitmesh for the Slink Physique mesh body. The Guess again shoes for Slink High feet are there too!

 [RnR] Swag 2 Mules Honey Outfit

(worn with Maitreya Lara mesh body)
 Simply pretty skirt and top. Highly detailed and perfect addition to any wardrobe - wear together or mix and match. The black ruffled top comes in 5 standard mesh sizes, 5 fitmesh sizes, and fit mesh for Slink & Maitreya Mesh bodies.  This "go-to" denim skirt & separate belt has the 5 standard mesh sizes as well as fitmesh for Slink (original, hourglass) & Maitreya mesh bodies. The shoes are there as well for Slink high feet.

~ Credits ~

 [RnR] Swag 2 Mules Them Boots Outfit
(top, shorts, boots included)
Hair - adoness : philippis : platinum
Make-up - [PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick <Deep> - Red
[PF] Simple Black Eyeshadow
Jewelry - ::JV::Nose Ball Closure Ring-L (BLACK)
**RE** MaluS Bracelet
 [RnR] Swag  2 Mules Vaquera Outfit
(jacket/top, jeans, sandals included)
Hat w/hair - Chelsea Malibu Designs -Steelhead Fae West Hat [Style No.2]
Jewelry - Izzie's - Knot & Beads Necklace vintage brown
Make-up - .:JUMO:. Lizzie Lips Blossom
 [RnR] Swag  Ease Guess Again Outfit
(jeans, top, heels included)
Hair - HOMAGE : Stay High - Stefani
Jewelry - EarthStones Tumbled Stones Necklace & earrings - Rasta
EarthStones Tumbled Stones Bracelet - Rasta
Make-up - [PF]Lipstick <Light> - Glossy Pout (red)
[PF] Simple Black Eyeshadow
 [RnR] Swag 2 Mules Honey Outfit
(top, skirt, heels included)
Hair - [e] Nataline - Swedish
Jewelry - Meva Leather and Leafs Necklace Silver
Meva Feather Earring Black
LUXE. Harlow Link Bracelet Silver (3)
**RE** MaluS Bracelet
Make-up - [PF]Lipstick <Light> - Glossy Pout (red)
[LB Glamour Eyes] January 9